Low profile


In the field of business and management, a low profile refers to the characteristic that leaders and managers with a moderate andprudent attitude have, developing rational, not risky, technical and incremental changes for the development of the organization, and avoiding conflict and seek consensus and dialogue. A low profile is recommended and convenient when managing organizations that are in a situation of crisis and conflict between the hierarchical apex and the rest of the organization, in order to appease it and reduce tension and seek a point of organizational balance.

A low profile is thus related to liberal, laissez faire, and democratic leadership styles, as opposed to charismatic and autocratic styles. In relation to public figures, a low profile is the attitude of that person who acts with discretion, avoiding showing himself to the public, limiting his statements to what is strictly necessary and avoiding media exposure. It can also refer to the person who is not known to the general public. A low profile does not have to be an obstacle to gain influence and relevance, but this influence, if it is really deserved, will be obtained in the long term, and naturally.

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