Idea: The (new) ecomony


The title of this article is not a mistake.
Do not think that you are going to read about the economy,
which in addition to the headaches and annoyances it gives us, puts the planet in mortal danger.
What is written, well written is: ECOMONY. It is my reason for protest,
and my new motto of hope. Eco, from the Greek oikos, "house", and monia, from munus,
"show, ritual, task". But I want ecomonia to be more than a new word for you.
I want it to be the celebration of our house, the celebration of our planet,
the tribute to our mother. Leaving aside the empty speeches,
the hollow and false ecomonies of politicians and journalists who talk and talk,
without doing what they really have to do,
I propose a commemoration that changes our way of life,
that makes us have hope and hope for our lives.
Future generations: an ecological ceremony that makes us found
a new commitment to Mother Nature. May he make us sit inwardly before a blue sky,
and with its enjoyment, we can meditate on what it is we do wrong,
each of us in our lives, to preserve the beauty of nature and not endanger
its healthy character. Welcome to the ecomony,
welcome to the true conscious commemoration of life on our planet.

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